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Hey,it's nice to meet you,the talented you! 2015-01-19 17:13  
When I see the movie A girl at my door first time, I said,oh my god,I have so crushed on this actress. I can't imagine that how could you play this character so lively and verutably. From your performance,I see a vivid people,a truly brave woman and a very responsible sort of person. It is you that give so many people the power to face the world,a intolerance society.
Besides the movie comments,I must say that I have been your big fan from now on. Searching your past films to see,I think you are the most unique and amazing actress I have ever seen.Many fans in China said you are so gorgeous and attractive,we all like and love your art works.We love you in As one either.Your figure in that is so cool.
Thank you for acting this film that let us find you and konw you.Finally, wish you good in everything,take care yourself.
By the way,if you have some spare time,could you please open an official account in China,such as Sina weibo.We want konw your news and support you everytime conveniently.
Thank you again.

A Fan from China(there are many people admire you like me)
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