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Srini 2016-04-15 19:31   chinna
Hi doona. I am one of the fan you from India. when i was saw your movie A Girl at My Door. then after I have saw every film your's. then after I have been watching Korea Movies. I am looking for your twitter but i didn't find. then after i was saw website. I would like to talk to you. My fav films are As one. A Girl at My Door, Cloud Atlas,The Host, Take Care of My Cat, Saving My Hubby. But As one of the best movie I think, I love that movie. In that film your action simply superb. why don't use twitter. Please use twitter. what is the new project going on, all the best god with you. My all time favourites two members one is lily loveless and second one you. I am request with you please use twitter.
hi (chinna 16.04.16 15:36)
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