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super fan of doona bae from dubai 2013-11-03 04:55   Anndhie
hi ms. doona im anndhie again from dubai i really want to show to you my collections of your pic but i just put it only in my mobile your one of a kind and very talented person i am praying that someday i will able to meet you i really love your series Gloria... lovin the character of yours and it really suited to you... i will always support...

anndhie of dubai
  super fan of doona bae from dubai 17811 2013-11-03 Anndhie
  super fan of doona bae 17031 2013-11-03 Anndhie
  Hola!! 16402 2013-10-12 Moises
  안녕하세요 38 2013-08-23 이언경
  Congratulations for your performance in Cloud Atlas 34 2013-08-09 Marco
  Hi,Doona!! 17992 2013-07-10 JH*
  장애인 사진전에 초청하고 싶습니다.! 18028 2013-07-05 Sunny
  응원합니다. 17520 2013-06-24 선주
  안녕하세요! 54 2013-06-10 야스
  your fan from vietnam 17389 2013-05-30 laikas
  Favorite food? 17415 2013-05-07 Alex
  Hi Doona Bae, you're the best. 17612 2013-05-07 Alex
  How to dissolve and conquest the strong stresses? 17062 2013-05-04 hanada
  hoppy 16770 2013-04-30 Alex
  I`m happy 17962 2013-03-16 Lt. Jack
  Great play in Cloud Atlas 100 2013-03-10 Pasi